Craig Hooper

Craig Hooper / Select Work 2015-2020

I am a DESIGNER with 15 years of professional experience

I work at Banfield Agency in Ottawa, Canada, and I design digital experiences across a range of screens and devices. Simplicity, clarity, and a consistent user experience are my core design principles.

Having spent years designing and coding my own work, I feel my greatest strength is my fundamental understanding of how digital products are developed. I understand how elements in a static design will map to the functionality of the finished product, and the implications of those choices on the user experience. I believe in using design systems or pattern libraries to allow each UI to develop its own logic through the application of basic elements in a systematic way. I am a demanding user of digital products, and I understand the need to make an experience be as frictionless and as trouble-free as possible.

Website / 2020 / UX + UI Design

The Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights

A refreshed website for an organization that promotes a set of principles that guides companies on how to conduct their security operations while respecting human rights.

Website / 2019 / UI Design

March Networks

A visual refresh to better reflect and support a modernized brand.

Website / 2018 / UX + UI Design

Choose Cornwall

A website to attract new investment, new residents and tourism activity to Cornwall, Canada.

Website / 2018 / UX + UI Design

Stem Cell Network

A website that provides easy access to information on research funding and training workshops, as well as highlight the network's many achievements and continued dedication to stem cell research.

Campaign Page / 2018 / UX + UI Design


A campaign landing page designed to help Canadians understand the importance of securing their intellectual property.

Website / 2016 / UX + UI Design

Hooked-Up Charters

A website that captures the essence of a day out on a salmon fishing boat, cruising the coastal waters of British Columbia.

Chrome Extension / 2015 / UX + UI Design


A Chrome extension weather source for those that see the glass as half-empty.