Stem Cell Network

A website that provides easy access to information on research funding and training workshops, as well as highlight the network's many achievements and continued dedication to stem cell research.

Role: UX & UI design
Produced at: Banfield Agency

The project brief

Stem Cell Network wanted their website to help dispel pernicious myths regarding stem cell therapy; their users needed to be able to find their information before other, less reliable sites and resources. A strategy to target SEO through content, combined with an emphasis on the latest news and research, was the approach to bring their site more prominence and push their information higher in search.

The result

The result is a simple, intuitive layout that allows any user to easily find the information they seek. Streamlining the content and rewriting it for SEO translates into an experience that seamlessly works on all devices and screen sizes, and provides them with a credible presence on the web.